Child Protection

If the Department of Child Protection and Family Support (the ‘Department’) contacts you about the care of your children, it is essential that you contact us or another lawyer.

We urge you not to wait until the matter gets to court or they are going to take children into Department care. Seek legal advice as quickly as you can once you’ve been contacted.

Some of the reasons the Department may intervene include if children are exposed to family violence, alcohol and drugs, or if they are not being looked after safely. We can help you to explain your side to the Department and make sure your children are safe.

How we can help

We assist people dealing with the Department of Child Protection and Family Support in childcare and protection matters.

We can help you to talk to the Department about children remaining safely in your care. If you already have a court case going on we can assist you to appear in court and tell the magistrate your story.

What to do if the Department start talking to you:

  • Write notes from any conversation with the Department, including what was said and what was asked for
  • Find out who the case worker is
  • Go to all meetings with the case worker
  • Talk to a lawyer
  • Ask for visits with the children
  • Go to court when required

After the care and protection matters in court have finished we can assist with ongoing matters, including child contact and care concerns. Matters of child protection that we can assist with include:

  • Liaison with the Department of Child Protection and Family Support
  • Care and protection proceedings generally
  • Pre court and post court matters
  • Signs of Safety meetings
  • Care Plan meetings and negotiations
  • Reunification and negotiations
  • Advice on parent/family members rights in relation to contact with children
  • Advice on carers rights

Contact us

For more information about our family law services please contact the office closest to you.