Criminal Injury Compensation

Criminal injuries compensation gives victims of crime some compensation for injuries, medical expenses and lost income that have occurred as a result of the criminal offence.

This is a Western Australian Government Scheme, and there is a number of criteria to be eligible. An application form with information about the victim and the personal injury is sent to the Office of Criminal Injuries Compensation Assessor. Based on the information and referrals provided, the Assessor will determine if compensation can be awarded.

In some cases compensation is not awarded even if a victim has suffered injury, For example, where the victim was also doing something illegal when the injury occurred. The best way to see if you are eligible is to speak to us or another lawyer.

There is a three year limitation date from date of offence for criminal injuries compensation applications.

How we can help

If you think you may be eligible for Criminal Injury Compensation you can contact us for initial advice. If you appear to meet the criteria of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, we can assist you to prepare your application.

In some cases a person can ask for compensation even if they were not the direct victim of the offence. For example, a mother who suffers a mental illness because her daughter was murdered might be able to get compensation. We can assist by:

  • Providing eligibility advice
  • Helping with applications
  • Helping to obtain documents such as medical reports

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