Family Law

The family law system helps people resolve the legal aspects of a family relationship issue.

This normally happens in a family relationship breakdown (for example, a divorce or separation). It encourages people to agree on arrangements without going to court.

Family Law focuses on what is best for the children and not what is best for the parents. We assist people to look at what is the best interest of the children in their care, including contact with the other parent.

How we can help

We can assist people with their family law matters when there are children involved. We will represent clients in the Family Court WA, however much of our work involves helping clients to work out parenting agreements. Here are some things we can help with:

  • Assistance in child matters
  • Negotiating parenting arrangements
  • Family Court applications
  • Recovery Orders
  • Parenting Arrangements
  • Contested & Consent Orders
  • Advice for grandparents and other family rights

We can also assist to get children back into your care when another person has taken them away without permission (a ‘recovery order’) or to assist when another person is disobeying a court order. It is very important that you see a lawyer as soon as these types of things happen. If you leave it, it may look to the Court that you agreed to what is happening.

The best approach is to work out who looks after the children by talking about it within your family. If it ends up in Court, the best interests of the children will be decided by the magistrate or judge, who doesn’t know your children or yourself. If you can’t agree then you should come and see us or another lawyer as soon as you can.

Contact us

For more information about our family law services please contact the office closest to you.